Skydive Collegeville

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Quotes The potential for anxiety for a first-time dive is huge. The staff personalities immediately put me at ease and I was able to enjoy every second of the experience--from the plane ride to the dive landing! Nearly 24 hours later and I'm still pumped up from this first dive! I cannot thank Juliana and Patricia and the rest of Skydive Collegeville for making this bucket-list item THE BEST adrenaline rush event of a lifetime. Quotes
Jackie Eastwick

Quotes Hi Juliana and the sky diving team, It was a great experience today. The cool breeze of air, picture perfect day and Leonardo make it easy. While watching the video for Tim, as he was the second jumper, I noticed how I just vanished as soon as Leonardo and I took off the plane. Something that I would have never known. Cant wait to see the photos and videos. Thank you for all the follow ups and your help Juliana Quotes
Saket Gohil
Perfect Day

Quotes I did my first tandem sky dive here.What an experience, the plane ride to 10,000 feet is breathtaking then you ease out and free fall which is an unbelievable experience. It was a lot of fun. The instructors make you feel very comfortable and at ease. The whole experience was exhilarating and a lot of fun! I definitely recommend getting the video package.The video is reasonably priced and very professional, well worth it.You will be very happy with these professionals, great time and price. Quotes
Manisha Manohar

Quotes The best day of my life so far. Skydive Collegeville made sure that I was prepared for my jump. Will be jumping again and bringing friends. Quotes
Satisfied Jumper

Quotes I had an awesome time this past Saturday at Skydive Collegeville . Juliana and her staff showed the utmost professionalism. I would recommend that anyone interested in skydiving please check Skydive Collegeville out. You will not be disappointed. Quotes
John C. Scott
You will not be disappointed!

Quotes Juliana and Patricia were AWESOME guides for us first time jumpers! My daughter and I arrived not knowing anything other than we were going as a tandem. The experience and concern for safety that was reviewed before we even got in the plane established credibility, professionalism and trust immediately. We enjoyed the experience and look forward to coming back soon. If you're considering learning how to jump, Skydive Collegeville makes it easy, safe and enjoyable beyond your imagination. Quotes
Kevin Connor
Skydive Collegeville makes it easy, safe and enjoyable...

Quotes My girlfriend jumped here a year ago for her first jump and loved it, this year she brought me for my first jump and it was AWESOME!!! The instructors were so cool and reassuring about everything that once that door came open I knew exactly what to do and what was expected of me. Each instructor has several years of experience sky-diving with jumps numbering in the thousands. If you are looking for a great sky-diving experience I HIGHLY recommend Skydive Collegeville!! Quotes
John Carey
Newly Addicted Jumper

Quotes I had the greatest time of my life, I signed up for a jump with my girlfriend and after she got to the ground I had pretty much decided I wanted to go for a second jump (mind you my first jump ever was the same day). I would/will recommend Skydive collegeville to any and everyone I know who wants to take the plunge! Quotes
2 Jumps 1 Day

Quotes I had such an incredible experience at Skydive Collegeville! The staff is great! They are friendly and personable and incredibly knowledgeable and professional. They really calmed my nerves and made me feel safe. I absolutely loved skydiving here and would go back in a heartbeat! I had a great first skydiving experience and I would highly recommend Skydive Collegeville to all those looking to skydive. Thank you for the amazing experience, I had a blast! Quotes
Ready to go again!